I interpreted the theme of Haunted Home as an establishment with the same name that offers various services to local and traveling witches. For each prompt, I designed a piece of the business's collateral while following a simple brand identity involving pale purple, line art, a handwritten typeface, and a textured black paper background.
Prompt 1: Overgrown Cemetery
A vinyl decal that would be sold at the Gift Shop. For the mockup, I placed it on a water bottle in Adobe Dimension. 
Prompt 2: Moth Bitten Library
A poster for the rules of the magical, moth-bitten library in the heart of the Home.
Prompt 3: Devious Dining
A logo and menu for the restaurant Bone-Appetit which specializes in home-cooked meals involving meat. All you need to know is that the meat is delicious and freshly sourced. The logo features a skull and bones (the bones are replaced with cutlery and the skull also resembles a chibi spider) wearing a chef hat that is secretly a mischievous ghost.
Prompt 4: Moonlit Conservatory
A brochure concept for the services offered in the Moonlit Conservatory. I didn't have the time to write all the copy I originally wanted to, so hopefully one day I can return to this and push it to its full potential.
Prompt 5: Dolls in the Attic
An art piece that hangs prominently in the center of the attic. The establishment is not responsible for any misfortune that arises from touching or moving this art piece.
Prompt 6: Ghostly Ballroom
A web banner advertising the 113th Annual Dance for the Dead at the Haunted Home.
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